Consuming our server list as JSON/XML files could be helpful in so many ways. here’s how it can be done.

You must use basic authentication in order to access the resource, which means you must include the ‘Authorization’ header in your request.

If you are using Fiddler, you can follow the next steps to make the Base64 Authorization string.

1. Open Fiddler.
2. Click menu item ‘Tools’ -> ‘TextWizard’.
2. Select checkbox of “To Base64”
3. input your user name and password in top textbox such as Username:Password
4. Go back to the composer tab.
5. add header Authorization: Basic

[VALUE] <– This is the output of the text wizard which was located on the bottom textbox. (e.g. Authorization: Basic ejB6Wm9STEg4UENiQkXzSnU4M3NLQT09OkxudFfXMjBNb08vZCtwN2ljbDdvVXc9PQ==)

If you are using any other programs, feel free to Google the subject, if you intend to use it within your own application, you probably know how to add the authorization header already. Good luck.

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The username is your website username and the password is your license key which was received after you ordered. If you can’t find your license key, you can access your online account.